Plantronics Voyager Legend not connecting with PC (but fine with phones) – re-pairing required

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about a couple of Lync accessories I use every day – including my Plantronics Voyager Legend (BT300M). Since then, I’ve successfully paired the headset with both Windows and iOS phones (so presumably Android will work too) using their native stacks, although I use the supplied Bluetooth dongle on my company-supplied Windows 7 laptop.  I’m still impressed with the headset and the battery life is great too as it automatically goes into standby when I forget to turn it off (although it’s often sitting on its charging stand).

Unfortunately, I did find one day that my headset had “fallen out with” my laptop and whilst it would happily connect to the phones I couldn’t use it for Lync (VoIP) or CUCILync (VoIP breakout to our Cisco phone system and beyond to the PSTN). After some frustration of taking out and re-inserting the dongle in various USB ports, etc. I found an article on the Plantronics Sounding Board that gave the answer:

“Try pairing the headset to the dongle. Typically you would turn your phone(s) off to make sure they don’t  interfere in the process. Then press the call button on the headset until you go into pairing mode and insert the dongle in the PC, it should pair.”

Interestingly, the article also referred to a tool I’ve not come across before called DriveCleanup which can remove orphaned registry items related to non-present USB devices (forcing the dongle to set up the stack again on insertion). I didn’t need this but it could be a useful tool (there are several others on the page too).

Incidentally, at a Lync event at Microsoft last week, I tried out the Plantronics Backbeat PRO wireless noise cancelling headphones with microphone and they will be great for listening to music in a shared office but still being contactable for calls. Having upgraded my phone this week, I need to do some saving before I can buy more gadgets, but these could be on the list…

13 thoughts on “Plantronics Voyager Legend not connecting with PC (but fine with phones) – re-pairing required

  1. Hi Mark – Just a quick note to let you know that your post from March 2015 on the Plantronics headset needing to be paired again with the PC came in very handy for me today in Houston, Texas! That’s a long ago forgotten post for you probably, but I appreciated you putting it up for me to find almost 3 years later! Your post turned up in a google search – fairly high up in the list, actually.



  2. That’s great to hear Tom – thanks for letting me know (it’s always good to hear when this stuff is useful to someone – makes it worthwhile!). Cheers, Mark

  3. Hi Mark, while the linked article is no longer available, the excerpt you left helped me fix my headset just in time for an important meeting. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us and Yes DriveCleanUp is really a wonderful tool for cleaning orphanged registery keys. I think you must use to remove orphanged registry keys ( related to other softwares and tools). This will even increase the speed of your PC.

  5. I just found this post and it saved my headset….I had lost the pairing and was nearly going to throw it away as damaged. thanks for the re-paring tip

  6. Hi, I already know this trick, I used it a good couple of times but after some time the dongle refused to pair or connect. It is recognized by the system (win7/64), on inserting it blinks a couple of times, it is present in the Device manager, but nothing happens. Anybody with some good answer, please? Thanks in advance.

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