Microsoft to withdraw support for VBscript

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OK, we’ve all heard of Microsoft trying to withdraw support for a product (NT 4.0 anybody?), but at a recent partner event they stated that support for VBscript is to be phased out. Apparently there is a replacement product codenamed Monad, which will allow the scripting of console applications. When I pushed for timescales, I was told that it won’t be tomorrow, but could be as soon as 12-18 months before VBscript is withdrawn.

Expect to see an outcry soon from Windows system administrators everywhere!

4 thoughts on “Microsoft to withdraw support for VBscript

  1. “Support” doesn’t mean “inclusion,” though. VBScript is still being packaged with future versions of Windows, it just isn’t being developed anymore. Finally… something that’s “done.” :)

  2. I think it’s fair to say that the landscape was very different when I wrote this post, back in 2004! At that time the idea of PowerShell replacing VBscript was alarming – 8 years on and things are very different…

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