Windows XP Service Pack 2 is ready

At last! Windows XP SP2 will be released this week!

Today I met with Microsoft UK’s Windows Client Product Manager who confirmed that SP2 release to manufacturing (RTM) was scheduled for yesterday (Microsoft had already publicly committed to this month). It has slipped slightly, but will definitely be released this week.

Even once RTM has passed, supply of SP2 will be limited until 25 August, which is the date for the launch of the new Windows Update 5 site. Until then, SP2 will be trickle-fed via the Windows XP Automatic Updates functionality, but business users will be able to download the service pack from the Microsoft Download Center.

Microsoft are aiming for 40% business uptake of SP2 within 12 months (and 60% for consumers), but are warning that this is not an upgrade to be taken lightly, requiring all the planning, and rigorous testing of a major operating system upgrade.

For more details on SP2, see the following posts:

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