Exchange Server RFC and standards compliance

Members of the “oppose Microsoft group” often deride the software giant, accusing them of implementing proprietary technologies to abuse their monopoly; but in recent years there has been a real shift towards standards-based technology implementations in Microsoft software. Like Microsoft Exchange Server, the messaging and collaboration platform, which implements over 50 RFCs/standards, as detailed in Microsoft knowledge base article 262986.

One thought on “Exchange Server RFC and standards compliance

  1. 50 RFCs? Why, that’s far more than I’d have supposed.

    When they get to 150, Microsoft will have caught up to the lamest unix mailservers.

    Thanks for the link!

    (PS: I was a beta-tester for the first three versions of Exchange. When a MS coder told me that their vision of the future did not include SMTP, I bailed out.)

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