Windows Vista doesn’t really need new hardware

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Whilst driving to work this morning, I heard a piece on Slashdot Review about how 50% of PCs will be prevented from running Windows Vista, citing problems with graphics capabilities and the Aero interface. Wrong. The operating system will run – just it will be without some of the new graphical features. I’m running the December CTP (build 5270) on a 2 year old 1.5GHz Pentium 4 Mobile notebook PC with 256MB of RAM. Granted, it’s not what you might call fast (a bit more RAM would fix that), but it runs. Whilst I may not have the Aero “glass” eye-candy, Vista is there, along with all its other features. If, however, I want high-end graphics, then I’ll have to upgrade my machine.

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  1. Big thanks go to Andrew McCaskey for quoting this blog post in yesterday’s Slashdot Review. I should point out that Andrew’s podcast features a summary of highlights from Slashdot. As such, Andrew is the messenger and, as it’s the original Slashdot post that might lead people to beleive that Vista won’t run on anything other than the latest hardware, I wouldn’t want to shoot the messenger!


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