New (mighty) mouse

A few months back, I wrote about the problems I have been experiencing with my Apple Mighty Mouse.

I got used to cleaning the scroll ball, but after a while, the right-click became unreliable – to the point where I had to connect an ordinary PC mouse to the Mac, which then worked perfectly (indicating that my configuration was fine).

Contrary to the anecdotal reports that I linked in my original post, last week I took the not-so-mighty Mouse to the Apple Store in London (Regent Street), where a “genius” exchanged it for a new one.  I hadn’t been hopeful (as when it was my turn for service he was displaying a really unhelpful attitude, still complaining to a colleague about his previous customer) but, even after trying it out on another machine and not finding any problem, he commented that I “seem to know what I’m talking about” (I hope so!) and exchanged it anyway.

I’d forgotten how good it was when it was new – I just hope this one lasts a bit longer.

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  1. Damn! If I’d known you were going, you could have taken mine… Actually, I’d pay the extra and trade up to wireless, I think.

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