There is no such thing as a stupid question… yeah, right?

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There is a saying that there is no such thing as a stupid question – only stupid answers.


Well, I thought the rules for comments on this blog were pretty clear, but maybe not…

Hi How to fix Windows Crash? Thanks

This comment was left a couple of weeks ago by someone in an English-speaking country (at least, they use a UK-based ISP) and it is a stupid question. Especially when left as a comment on a post from 2 and half years back about some of the highlights from Microsoft’s annual technical conference for IT Professionals. I did wonder if it was spam but they didn’t even put a link in the comment, so I guess not…

[Ridiculing readers is probably not a good way to increase the popularity of this site but I honestly don’t think this person is a regular reader… none of you would really leave a comment like this… would you?]

2 thoughts on “There is no such thing as a stupid question… yeah, right?

  1. Steve, if I knew the answer to that one, I wouldn’t have to spend my evenings and weekends blogging about technology ;-)

    Hope all is good with you.

    Cheers, Mark

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