Fluff stops play

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I think I heard the other day that Apple has sold something like 5 million 3G iPhones since launch. That’s a drop in the ocean compared with the number of devices that manufacturers like Nokia sell but nevertheless quite a bit chunk of the smartphone market. Unfortunately it also seems that the quality control has slipped in order to get so many devices out (based on the problems that some of my friends have had) and the v2.x software is certainly not as solid as the v1.x (even without applications installed).

Bearing that in mind I was disappointed, but not entirely surprised, to find that my the microphone in my iPhone headset was not working last week. I wasn’t sure if the problem was with the headset or the phone itself but I booked an appointment with a “Genius” at my local Apple Store to see if the problem could be identified. Sure enough, it was – and it was probably the least taxing of all the problems that particular genius had to solve today… some fluff inside the headphone socket, preventing the headset jack from making a proper connection. Once cleaned out everything was working fine. So, if you are experiencing similar problems, take out a can of compressed air and save yourself a trip to the Apple Store.

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