Installation error for Google Chrome

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I’m not going to review Google Chrome – there’s plenty of people doing that all over the Internet at the moment; however I did run across an interesting error whilst trying to install it on a Windows Server 2008 (x64) computer today. I downloaded the installer from Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 and after downloading, I elected to run the installer. UAC was not invoked (it would normally be expected for an executable with the word setup in the filename) but installation failed with the following error:

Error 1625 when installing Google Chrome

I retried the installation with Administrator privileges and it succeeded, suggesting that this error was caused by insufficient permissions.

3 thoughts on “Installation error for Google Chrome

  1. @Tim, to be honest, there are so many variables involved – I was using beta software to download the installer for another beta product and the machine is subject to a whole bunch of group policies through membership of my employer’s domain (but was working at home using cached credentials).

    The only reason I bothered to post this was that the resolution might be handy for someone with a similar product installation problem in future…

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