Lusting after the new aluminium MacBook

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I really like my Apple MacBook. It’s expensive (compared with other similarly specified PCs) but I really enjoy using it – whether I’m running Mac OS X or Windows. Even so, I’ve always fancied an aluminium Mac but the Mac Pro was too expensive, I didn’t like the keyboard on the MacBook Pro and I still think the MacBook Air is little more than a toy.

New Aluminium MacBook - image used courtesy of Apple.A few hours ago, Apple announced the MacBook that I’ve been waiting for. The only problem is that with a 9-month-old MacBook White, there is no way I can justify the upgrade (even if I did have any change left in the piggy bank…)

I guess it will have to join that Nikon D3 DSLR on my wishlist! Talk about a “first-world problem”.

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