Checking if a computer supports Intel vPro/Active Management Technology (AMT)

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One of my many activities over the last few days has been taking a look at whether my work notebook PC supports the Intel vPro/Active Management Technology (AMT) functionality (it doesn’t seem to).

Intel vPro/AMT adds out of band management capabilities to PC hardware, integrated into the CPU, chipset and network card (this animation shows more details) and is also a pre-requisite for Citrix XenClient which, at least until Microsoft gets itself in order with a decent client-side virtualisation solution, I was hoping to use as a solution for running multiple desktops on a single PC.  Sadly I don’t seem to have the necessary hardware.

Anyway, thanks to a very useful forum post by Amit Kulkarni, I found that there is a tool to check for the presence of AMT – in the AMT software development kit (SDK) is a discovery tool (discovery.exe), which can be used to scan the network for AMT devices.

Unfortunately, vPro/AMT only seems to be in the high-spec models for most OEMs right now… until then I’m stuck with hosted virtualisation solutions.

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  1. Hi! Am glad that you found the SDK! I’m the community manager for the Intel vPro Expert Center & we have a tool called AMTScan.exe ( that you might want to look at – *and* we have a catalog of some of the vPro models by the major OEMs ( We also have a Dynamic Virtual Client sub-community with some XenClient info in it. :-)


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