Microsoft Consulting Services’ sporting analogy

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Earlier this week I was at a workshop where Microsoft Consulting Services described their potential to engage with clients/partners on five levels, using a sporting analogy

  • Owner: full responsibility from design to implementation and go live.
  • Manager: lead in design and control – architect designs and have user experience lead, lead developer, lead test.
  • Player: Provide consultants for key point activities.
  • Coach: Work alongside individuals with a particular focus on skills transfer and mentoring.
  • Commentator: Review designs, plans, code, scripts.

Someone suggested it’s actually a football analogy and doesn’t work for their sport (Rugby Union) but I disagree. Regardless, the real point is that the relationship can work at one of a number of levels.  Would be interesting to hear what people who’ve engaged with MCS feel about this though…

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Consulting Services’ sporting analogy

  1. Chatting with a friend earlier, he suggested the player/manager role. I’m still considering whether that really exists, I’m tending to think that most projects fall into one of the five categories above…

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