Stuck door lock on Mk5 Volkswagen Golf

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My wife’s ’08 registration Volkswagen Golf (Mk5) refused to unlock the rear passenger door earlier this week.  After trying various combinations of keyfobs, inside door locks, locking and unlocking, I hit the ‘net and found a multitude of articles with various bits of advice – usually resulting in trying to remove door trims and expensive garage bills.  I did find one post on the Mk5 Golf GTI forum that looked hopeful though (even though ours is a Match not a GTI!) and decided it was worth a try:

“You do need two people.

One operates the central lock switch on the drivers door while the other tries to open the passenger door. You try and open the door at the same time as it tries to unlock.

Can take ages.”

I tried this a few times with the outside handle (I could hear the lock “clunking” but the door still wouldn’t open) then I tried with the inside handle a couple of times and – hey presto, an open door!  I think the mechanism could do with some grease (not sure what sort), but seems to be working at the moment.

Internet search saves Mark a couple of hundred quid at the local Volkswagen dealer…

3 thoughts on “Stuck door lock on Mk5 Volkswagen Golf

  1. Tried all that mate and nothing- wont unlock passenger door. NO secret key lock- no suggestion works!!! well in trouble as it’s a MOT failure. Shitty VW golf car 2010- model as well.- also happened to my Passat. ANY help would be appreciated at

  2. Unfortunately, I should have got the lock mechanism changed whilst I had the door open. It stuck again, so, last week I took it to a local garage, who had to cut a hole in the wheel arch, drill out the bolts for the lock slider, release the door, and replace the mechanism. £435 :-(

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