Fruits of my labour: Fujitsu’s UK and Ireland blogs

Six months ago, I changed roles at Fujitsu and moved to the Office of the CTO, as a Strategy Consultant. It’s been a good move and I’m really enjoying my work, in a team that’s focused on driving innovation, thought leadership and governance.

Aside from my technology background and propensity to share information (whether people ask for it or not!), one of the reasons I was brought into the team was my experience with social media – particularly blogging but other channels too – and I’m really pleased to say that I’ve been involved in Fujitsu’s move to embrace social media, not just here in the UK, but as part of a global community too.

Whilst some IT service organisations have been using social media for a while, it’s typically in a business to consumer (B2C) rather than business to business (B2B) context but it’s equally important to ensure that any social media activities are part of an overall integrated strategy. At the same time, it’s important to pick the appropriate channels (not necessarily every platform that’s out there) not least because, as any company starts to use new methods of communicating with customers and partners, it’s important that they’re able to respond in the manner that the audience expects: it’s no good launching a Twitter account (for example) and then not having the resources in place to respond to customer dialogue.

Today, I took the wraps off the first of Fujitsu’s corporate blogs for the UK and Ireland, kicking off with our CTO blog, written by David Smith, who is Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO) for our region.  Because of the combination of roles that he performs, David has a unique insight on a variety of technology developments, drawing on a combination of external go-to-market and internal IT capability knowledge and this enables him to be a thought leader in both business and technology, translating IT trends into potential business value. I believe that’s pretty unusual and, just as importantly, I want to stress that he writes the content himself (it’s not ghost written) – if the author is shown as David Smith, that means that it’s David’s views and opinions you read, not something formed by my team (although we do also also provide some content, for which the author is clearly shown as Office of the CTO).

Whilst the site went live today, we’ve included content that’s been written throughout the site’s development as I wanted it to add value from day one, rather than starting out with a “Hello World” post!

In addition to what I intend to be a growing number of Fujitsu blogs, we’re highlighting some Fujitsu bloggers – people like me, but also Amit Apte (Enterprise Architecture and strategic IT management), Debra Lilley (Oracle) and Jeremy Worrell (innovation). The Fujitsu bloggers all have established blogs which are not hosted by Fujitsu, but still provide some insight into the talent that we have available within the organisation.

It’s not just blogging though: Twitter is another of the channels that we’re using now – with @Fujitsu_UK providing the latest news and developments from our region, as part of a globally co-ordinated social media community which embodies our “think global, act local” approach.

This has been a really exciting few months for me – I don’t normally talk about my work on this blog but all of the activities I mentioned here are externally facing, so they’re not exactly secret and I really want to shout from the rooftops that we are doing this. Shouting from the rooftops is not really our style though, so broadcasting to a smaller community of people who’ve supported my personal activities over the years seems like a decent compromise. Please do visit the Fujitsu UK and Ireland blogs, and let me know what you think.

New job/full disclosure

For some time now, this site has carried a disclosure notice and I generally avoid talking about my work here (for reasons of confidentiality – but also to prevent potential conflicts of interest).  Today I’m going to make an exception, because it’s the first day of a new job for me.

I’ve been a Senior Customer Solution Architect at Fujitsu since August 2005 and, in that time, I’ve worked on customer-facing project implementations; pre-sales consultancy and bid work; and, more recently, have carried out some internal roles evangelising technology, developing capability within our architect community and leading the technical strategy and direction for client device services, including the adoption of Windows 7 within our desktop managed service offering.  Whilst these roles have been interesting and varied, I was recently presented with an opportunity to join the Office of the CTO as a Strategy Consultant and today is my first day in that new role.

I’m not going to say too much about what I’ll be doing in the new role except that I’ll be promoting Fujitsu brand and opinion on a variety of topics and that’s why I felt it appropriate to write this blog post.  Regardless of my professional activities at Fujitsu, this site will still concentrate on the technology issues that I find interesting and it’s not going to become a marketing channel for my employer!

I’ve spent 6 years and many late nights building up this site, along with another year building a my reputation on Twitter and in other social media outlets – that’s my personal reputation as “Mark Wilson, Technologist” and not “Mark Wilson, Strategy Consultant at Fujitsu”.  So, just to make sure there’s no confusion: this site ( or whatever domain name I might assign to it in the future) is my personal website;  the views and opinions here are personal and are not endorsed by my employer; if you see me commenting elsewhere on behalf of Fujitsu… well, that’s the day job – you know, the one that pays the bills!

New job at Fujitsu Services – no longer blogging at Conchango

Over the last few years, I’ve been a consultant for a major IT Services company; worked for a UK-based support services company (and hated most of my time there); contracted for Australia’s largest independent magazine distributor; worked in-house designing and project managing a Europe-wide infrastructure refresh for a major fashion design, marketing and retail organisation; and then I joined Conchango, a mid-sized consultancy which specialises in delivering technology-driven business solutions that incorporate the latest methodologies and technologies.

I’ve worked with Conchango, first as a client and then as a consultant, for about 3 and a half years in total but the time has come for me to move on. For anybody who lives within commuting distance of London or Surrey, enjoys the variety of work which consultancy offers, and who knows a significant amount about enterprise intelligence, interactive media, agile development and program management, or mobility, Conchango is a fantastic place to work. It feels a bit strange to be leaving a company that I still enjoy and which is packed with talented people but as Conchango’s focus shifts away from infrastructure services, I’ve decided to rejoin Fujitsu Services (it was ICL when I was there just over 5 years ago) to embrace a new role as a Senior Customer Solutions Architect, taking technical responsibility for IT infrastructure projects within their Architecture and Design Group.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most at Conchango (apart from being lucky enough to feature in the IT press) is that they encourage blogging (there’s a whole load of Conchango bloggers now) although my blog output has prompted some to comment on its volume and to say they almost expect to see what I had for breakfast appear next! One of my clients says he can find out what he’s been up to by reading these pages! I just hope that what I write is useful and that people enjoy reading it. Since last November, most of my posts here have been mirrored on my Conchango blog – from today, that will no longer be the case, and as far as I know, Fujitsu doesn’t have company-sponsored blogs, so this site is once again the single focus of my technology-related blogging (although I still hope to have the occasional article published on the Microsoft TechNet Industry Insiders blog).

I’ve got loads of stuff waiting for me to write about (but not much time to write it) – in the meantime, watch this space