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The UK IT industry is a small world and I frequently attend events where I bump into people that I haven’t seen for a while. A couple of months back I turned up at a course and found myself next to a former colleague from 10 years back. This week I’m attending an SMS training course at QA where the instructor is Bernie Kilshaw, who delivered much of my Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) training in my days at ICL, including all of my training for Microsoft Windows NT 5.0 (later renamed Windows 2000).

Yesterday, Bernie reminded me of a Windows tip which I had forgotten about, but which is very useful – the ability to right-click on a file and view it in Notepad (or any other chosen application) using the Send To menu.

To set this up requires the ability to view hidden folders within Windows Explorer. Once that has been turned on (in the folder options), simply create a shortcut to Notepad (or any other chosen application) in the %homedrive%%homepath%\SendTo folder.

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