Programmer’s Bladder

I saw this on Hacking Hat (an interesting blog written by Steve Knight – an old mate from Uni’ who I haven’t seen in years) and it seemed to ring true somehow (even though I’m not a programmer):

Main Entry: pro·gram·mers blad·der
Pronunciation: \ˈprō-ˌgra-mərs ˈbla-dər\
Function: noun phrase
Etymology: Birmingham, Richard Pinchin
Date: circa 1994

1 : A condition that requires the victim to sit at their terminal for extended periods. The condition denies the victim their normal bodily functions until: that [f***ing] thing compiles, or more caffeine is required.

2 thoughts on “Programmer’s Bladder

  1. Hey Mark,

    I received a comment on Reddit saying that there’s a known condition called trucker’s bladder. A quick google reveals you can buy a product called BladderBuddy that can help us through those awkward moments. I’ve got my order in!


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