Default PIN codes and voicemail numbers for UK mobile networks

Back in 2005, I published a list of useful mobile handset commands and it’s still attracting some interest so, as I bought a new mobile phone this week and it came with a list of the default PINs for each of the UK mobile operators, I’m re-publishing that information here in case it’s useful to someone:

OperatorDefault PIN

Vodafone 0000
O2 5555
Orange 1111
T-Mobile 1210
3 0000
Virgin Mobile 1210
Talk Mobile 0000
Mobile World 1210

Also included was a list of voicemail numbers (for those who don’t have an iPhone with visual voicemail…):

OperatorVoicemail Access Number

Vodafone 121
O2 1750 [I’ve also used 901]
Orange 123
T-Mobile 222
3 123
Virgin Mobile 222
Talk Mobile 121


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