Update on my Fit at 40 challenge

Today’s the last day of Movember and, whilst I said I wouldn’t be growing a ‘tache this year, I did say I’d push to make sure I’d lost my second stone by the end of the month (all part of  my “Fit at 40” challenge). Despite not being able to exercise for nearly two weeks earlier in the month due to a heavy cold (man flu), I’ve been pounding the streets since then, combined with spinning classes, the occasional swim and being really careful about what I’m eating.

Even so, it was with some trepidation that I stood on the scales this morning and…

…I did it!

15st 10lbs (100kg) means I’ve shed two stone since I started this challenge and, for those who are thinking “yeah, but anyone can lose a couple of stone on a diet” the whole point has been to avoid “diets” and to lose weight by switching to a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle (i.e. I can still have a drink from time to time, and eat food that I like, in moderation).  It also means I’m lighter than I’ve been in years – probably since before my wife was pregnant with our first child (I put on weight to match, but she lost hers…) – and certainly fitter than I’ve been since… my teens I guess.

My weight loss seems to come in fits and starts (it plateaus, then I lose half a stone, before it plateaus again) and the 16 stone barrier has been tough to break through – if I can get below 15 and a half stone before Christmas (and keep it off after Christmas), I should be back on track!

So, here’s where I’m at:

  • 10 months into my challenge, 28lbs (12.7kg) lost, a lot leaner body, and two 10K races under my belt (Bupa London 10,000 and Buckingham 10K).
  • 4 months to go, 15lbs (6.8kg) to lose and another 10K race (at least) to run.

The challenge continues… Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far and who continues to do so – donations to my JustGiving page in support of the Prostate Cancer Charity are a great motivator!

Movember 2011/Fit at 40 update

Today marks the start of Movember and, although I’d like to support the Mo’ Bro’s and Sisters out there, unfortunately this year I won’t be sporting a ‘tache.

I grew one last year and, aside from the fact that Mrs. W. was less than impressed (quite happy with my usual face fuzz, but not with a dodgy moustache), it didn’t go down too well at work – Movember is just not established enough in the UK for me to meet with potential customers sporting dubious facial hair!

Even those of us who can’t take part in Movember can still support it virtually – all the Mo’ Bro’s are raising money for charities working with Prostate Cancer (so you could donate via the Movember website) or, alternatively, my Fit at 40 Challenge continues and I’m still working hard to raise money for The Prostate Cancer Charity at the same time as losing weight and getting fit.

Almost half way through the Buckingham 10KSo where am I at? To be perfectly honest, I’m a little behind where I would like to be but still making progress. Two weeks ago, I ran the Buckingham 10K (my second 10K race) and beat my London time, although I was disappointed that I couldn’t push hard on the downhill stretch at the end because my knee was hurting and I didn’t want to risk injury (stats). Thankfully it seems OK now – I’ve run a couple of 5-milers since without issue. Mixed in with some spinning, the occasional bike ride and some swimming, the exercise is going well and I’m starting to see the results. After months of not losing much weight (but clearly gaining muscle), I’m now noticing the difference on my belt loop, and am tantalisingly close to having shed the second stone.

So, I may not be able to grow a ‘tache for Movember but I can push hard on my fit at 40 challenge – if I get below 15st 10lbs (100kg) this month (and I certainly intend to), why not donate to The Prostate Cancer Charity via my JustGiving page?